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Annual Report 2012

Business Review

Key Performance Indicators

Jan-Ru Muller

Jan-Ru Muller


Net cash from operating activities (US$ million)

Net cash from operating activities is the total of all cash receipts and payments associated with Zhaikmunai’s sales. This indicator reflects the Group’s ability to generate cash for investment and distribution to shareholders.

2012: 291.8
2011: 132.2
2010: 99.0


Net income (US$ million)

Income for the period is the total of all the earnings. It is of fundamental importance for a sustainable commercial enterprise.

2012: 162.0
2011: 81.6
2010: 22.9


Net cash used in investing activities (US$ million)

Net cash used in investing activities is capital investment (capital expenditure, exploration expense, new equity and loans in equity-accounted investments and leases and other adjustments), less divestment proceeds.

2012: 269.7
2011: 103.7
2010: 132.2


Production (mmboe)

Production is the sum of all average daily volumes of unrefined oil products (crude oil and stabilised condensate) and gas products (LPG and dry gas) produced for sale. Changes in production have a significant impact on the Group’s cash flow.

2012: 13.5
2011: 4.8
2010: 2.8


Proved oil and gas reserves (mmboe)

Proved oil and gas reserves are the total estimated quantities of oil and gas that can, with reasonable certainty, be recovered in future years from known reservoirs, as at December 31, under existing economic and operating conditions. Gas volumes are converted into barrels of oil equivalent (boe). Reserves are crucial to an oil and gas company, since they constitute the source of future production.

2012: 194.8
2011: 169.1
2010: 143.5


Dividend (US$ 0.xx per common unit)

In September 2012, the Board of Directors has approved the implementation of an on-going distribution policy with the intention of making an annual distribution of not less than 20 per cent of the Partnership’s consolidated net profit. This policy reflects Zhaikmunai’s desire to recognize the growth and cash generation inherent in the business. In the future, this policy will be progressively reviewed by the Board of Directors in line with the achievement of Zhaikmunai’s strategic milestones.

2012: 32
2011: -
2010: -