Dedication across the board
Annual Report 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility

Defining an environmental strategy and objectives

Defining an environmental strategy and objectivesZhaikmunai’s environmental strategy has matured over the years and now stretches above and beyond compliance obligations with local, regional and national rules and regulations for environmental protection. Today, it also includes proactive steps towards setting clear indigenous environmental protection objectives.

To this end, various tools have been developed:

  • An Environmental Action Plan is prepared each year in accordance with Kazakh environmental regulations and is submitted to the relevant authorities. It highlights Zhaikmunai’s main environmental priorities for the coming year;
  • A Site Environmental Monitoring Programme has been in place since late 2001 and has been developed in accordance with Environmental Code of Republic of Kazakhstan. It ensures that the main environmental criteria are kept in check in order to flag any possible problem in time for effective action planning;
  • Regular environmental audits are carried out by independent third parties with the aim to further tighten Zhaikmunai’s hold on the environmental question in the broader sense. These audits allow for pro-active monitoring and action planning.

The extension of the QFSE function at Zhaikmunai, as described earlier in this section, aims to take the current initiatives a step further. These include World Bank environmental standards for operations as well as their translation into the “Ecological Passport” methodology to monitor future environmental efforts effectively.