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Annual Report 2012

Operations Overview


The 274 square kilometre Chinarveskoye field is located in the province of Batys Kazakhstan in the North-western part of Kazakhstan near the border with Russia and some 100 kilometres north-east of Uralsk.

Zhaikmunai’s facilities are close to main international railway lines as well as to several major oil and gas pipelines. This unique location provides reduced transportation distances and access to flexible transportation links for the ultimate purchasers of oil products in European markets, which in turn contribute to reduced transportation costs. The Orenburg- Novopskov gas pipeline is only 17 kilometres away while rail links and the Atyrau Samara oil pipeline are within a 100-kilometre radius from operations. Zhaikmunai’s own oil pipeline from its facilities to its own railway terminal in Rotoshi, near Uralsk, gives it direct access to the rail network and an option for a direct connection to the export pipeline to Samara, which is crossed by the Zhaikmunai pipeline.

transportation routes